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PaterNoster - Last but by no means least

Posted by Janet Gallagher on Monday, June 28, 2010,
No booking had been made for the last leg of our holiday, but we decided whatever experience we were seeking, would be on the West Coast.  However, never having visited that region, we were not quite sure what to expect.

We followed the map, taking in the scenery and ambiance on our journey, and having the freedom to take "pot luck".

Around lunchtime we arrived at Langebaan.  Langebaan, at the edge of a Lagoon and hugely popular with water sports enthusiasts, is a seaside town, on the South Afr...
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Arniston - The Penultimate Part of our Amazing Holiday

Posted by Janet Gallagher on Saturday, June 26, 2010,
Our next journey by car was to Arniston, which is a beautiful seaside retreat close to the most southern tip of Africa.


We did not have a sea facing room at our hotel, and were facing instead the swimming pool - but the front facing rooms had a view of the sea, the colour of which one is totally unprepared for - a spectacular azure blue.

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An Amazing Holiday - Part 2

Posted by Janet Gallagher on Thursday, June 24, 2010,
Somerset West (so named after an English Governor of the Cape Colony during the 1800's - Lord Charles Henry Somerset) was our next destination, to which we travelled by car from Knysna.  The town lies on the slopes of the Helderberg - part of the majestic Hottentots mountains, and is situated approximately 50kms from Cape Town, 6kms from the False Bay Coast - the resort towns of The Strand and Gordons Bay.

         View from Sir Lowry's Pass

Somerset West has easy access to three golf courses, ...
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Knysna - Start of an Amazing Holiday - Part 1

Posted by Janet Gallagher on Tuesday, June 22, 2010,
Often when we plan a holiday, it is the "combination" of the places we visit. that make a memorable holiday.

Knysna Heads frame the entrance to the quite spectacular Knysna estuary - lagoon - which provides a haven for water sports and sunset cruises - and this was to be the first stop on our journey.

Aside from having spectacular beauty, Knysna still retains a "village" feel with narrow streets.  This despite recent exciting real-estate developments.

The venue we chose to stay, was originally e...
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The Gautrain - In time for the 2010 Soccer World Cup

Posted by Janet Gallagher on Thursday, June 10, 2010,
On Tuesday 8 June 2010 - and therefore in time for the Soccer World Cup, the African Continent's first "high speed rail link" officially opened for "Joe (or Jane) public".  This is part of a three billion dollar Gautrain project.

Gauteng Premier, Nomrula Mokonyane, advised journalists, on Saturday 5 June, to the effect that, what South Africa has done for the World Cup is not something for just 11 June to 11 July, they have put the money for life beyond that.

Having personally endured the previ...
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