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My Favourite Photograph

Posted by Janet Gallagher on Saturday, September 11, 2010,
There are so many beautiful photographs taken all over the world by those who are truly gifted and which encourage us once more to set off on our travels. 

Sometimes, however, the picture becomes more personal than that, where you are not only enjoying the scene in question but there exists a quality which catches your imagination, so much so, that you want to retain the view and transplant it into your "sanctuary" into your "home".

Such a picture is this, for me.  The photograph was taken in ...
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Pro-Activity, Having Pride, Being Conscientious and Diligent - The Lost Ingredients of Life Skills - Just Saying!

Posted by Janet Gallagher on Monday, September 6, 2010,
My father had a wonderful "work" and "life" ethic.  It had nothing to do with numerous dynamic degrees, years of studying, spoon-fed college courses, or wealth!

Very simply put, it is the difference in life between being "duh" or "taking charge"!  In "being interested" or "wrapped up in your own importance" or simply believing "that you serve no purpose in life".

We cannot all be high flying attorneys, business(men) or business(women), CEO's of companies - but that is not to say that our job in...
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