Hubby has always had a nickname for me, due to my large brown eyes!

This name in English is a Galago (Bush Baby)
In Afrikaans - Nagapie
In Swahili - Komba
In Tsonga/Shangaan - Nwana Kahina
In Tswana - Kgajwanamasigo
In Zulu - Nhlathini umntwana
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He uses "Nagapie" with me which, as in so many Afrikaans words, is so expressive and cute!


A Galago is any of six species of small tree-dwelling primates found in forests in sub-Saharan Africa.  Galagos are grey, brown or yellowish brown animals with large eye and ears, long hind legs, soft woolly fur, and a long tail.

Smaller forms like the bush baby are particularly active and agile in the trees.

On the ground they sit upright and move by jumping with their hind legs.

Their diet is a mixture of inspects and other small animals, fruit and tree gums.

They have remarkable jumping abilities, including the ability to jump up to 2 metres vertically.

After a gestation period of 110-133 days, young galagos are born with half closed eyes and are initially unable to move about independently.  After a few days (6-8) the mother carries the infant in her mouth and places it on branches while feeding.     (via Wikipaedia)