There are so many beautiful photographs taken all over the world by those who are truly gifted and which encourage us once more to set off on our travels. 

Sometimes, however, the picture becomes more personal than that, where you are not only enjoying the scene in question but there exists a quality which catches your imagination, so much so, that you want to retain the view and transplant it into your "sanctuary" into your "home".

Such a picture is this, for me.  The photograph was taken in New York by my daughter - and to me is so unlike the New York that we all perceive - the city that never sleeps - the hustle and bustle of the subways - the huge tall, tall buildings and amazing retail stores - restaurants, apartments and financial centres.

What has been captured - the eeriness of the early morning mist, the mixture of the old and new - the yellow taxis and the horses and carriages (from a bygone era) - the peacefulness and tranquility - I find it very attractive.  It is my favourite photograph which I share with you.