I was privileged this week to be able to visit the Kunsthaus, Zurich, where they are presently holding an exhibition of paintings by Pablo Picasso.

Self portrait of the Artist

Picasso's first museum exhibition was held there in 1932.  Since the artist himself had chosen all of the works exhibited then, this constituted a revolution in the world of art.  Less concerned with his blue and pink periods, the artist preferred his forays into Cubism and was vehemently committed to his current Surrealist production: in fact the portrait of his lover, Marie-Thérèse Walter, went directly from the easel into the Kunsthaus.                         

Frau in Hemd (Jeune femme en chemise), um 1905 

70 of the paintings shown at that historic exhibition are making their way back to the Kunsthaus from the world's most renowned collections.

Amongst those:

Mandolin and Guitar

I personally chose a print to purchase of:

Pichet, coupe de fruits et feuillagel, 1931.

Before attending this exhibition, in my ignorance I did not really understand much of his work, but this visit was really interesting, surely an education for me and I duly "stand corrected".

I purchased a small calendar, where I can each month enjoy and remember some of his works.  Amongst my very favourite was :

Maternité, 1905

The exhibition is on until 30 January 2011 and I thoroughly recommend a visit -