No booking had been made for the last leg of our holiday, but we decided whatever experience we were seeking, would be on the West Coast.  However, never having visited that region, we were not quite sure what to expect.

We followed the map, taking in the scenery and ambiance on our journey, and having the freedom to take "pot luck".

Around lunchtime we arrived at Langebaan.  Langebaan, at the edge of a Lagoon and hugely popular with water sports enthusiasts, is a seaside town, on the South African West Coast.

This was once a whaling station.  Their flower season is July to September.  Amongst the variations of accommodation on offer in this mixture of "old" and "new" town, it was interesting to learn of the Houseboat holidays on offer, which also makes a different consideration for a holiday.

On this occasion, however, we drove further along the coast and came across PaterNoster.  I think it was the combination of the historic fishing village, cottages, boats, and spectacular view of the sea - a painting which had come alive for us!

We addressed a few of the "already" holidaymakers at Pater Noster, and were directed to a cosy Bed and Breakfast, right on the beach - and yes, they were in a position to accommodate us.

To the front of the living area of the Bed and Breakfast, on the open veranda, there was a "day bed" and the proprietors, after showing us our room, pointed out its availability should one choose to snooze, listening to the sea, the bird life, peacefully close to the sand.

Ecology, being of paramount importance to the proprietors, they asked when walking on the beach, we use only the stepping stones, whilst make our way to the sea.

We sought from them advice as to where we should dine for the evening, naturally assuming this would necessitate a short drive.  It was such a lovely surprise to be told to just take a saunter along the beach and we would come across a restaurant with excellent fare.

Climbing the staircase to our accommodation, we had a beautifully large, sea-facing room, with all amenities.

Later after our short stroll, we dined at the cosy beachfront restaurant, soaking up the lovely ambiance and each enjoying delicious prawns combined with delicious South African wine.

Much later, we made our way along the beach - this time experiencing a slight sea breeze, and arrived back at our room.  After showering, I stretched out for a gigantic sized bath towel, gloriously heated on the towel rail.  Yes, we had found our paradise destination ~~ the end of a Perfect Holiday.