My father had a wonderful "work" and "life" ethic.  It had nothing to do with numerous dynamic degrees, years of studying, spoon-fed college courses, or wealth!

Very simply put, it is the difference in life between being "duh" or "taking charge"!  In "being interested" or "wrapped up in your own importance" or simply believing "that you serve no purpose in life".

We cannot all be high flying attorneys, business(men) or business(women), CEO's of companies - but that is not to say that our job in life, no matter how mediocre or small it may seem to others, has no importance in the day-to-day experiences of others.

To be greeted by a smile, a word of encouragement (or sympathy), by a shop assistant, a street vendor, by a work colleague, can make a huge difference to one's day.

Every emphasis nowadays is on "achievement" and "celebrity" - in so many instances on undeserved notoriety - and so little on day-to-day acts of simple kindness or pro-active activity.

In this era of consumerism, which we are all a great part of - perhaps it is time to pause a tad, and take stock of what is actually happening.

To the outside world in general our task or job in life, our stature, may not appear important or of great significance - but the pleasant smile and greeting of the concierge, the taxi driver, bus or train driver, can make a huge impact on the onlookers who briefly pass by for but a minute, in their daily lives.


When one makes a telephone call to that important individual - who happens to hold a highly respected position of CEO, attorney, or newspaper editor - and who is presently unavailable - if you are his (or her) personal assistant or secretary, you may not feel that you have an important role to play to the caller.  In your response "He will be back on [.......] day" (as happened to me, for example, today when I had an important query and an urgent requirement) - how much harder would it have been for the lady who had answered the call, on behalf of the important person I had sought, to have given me her assurance that:

- as soon as her boss returned he would have been given the message;
- the letter I (urgently) required would be drafted in readiness for his return to office; and
- she would call me as soon as the letter was signed by him for my collection.

As a PA events which occur are, in many cases, repetitive.  I know for a fact that this was this case in my requirement.  If you wish to have an excellent salary, you must earn it.   Be pro-active and not only will you gain your Boss' respect, give reassurance to those with whom you make daily contact, but you will also be noticed at the next "salary review".

So whether your "day job" is driving that Bus or Train, selling the Daily Newspaper at a street corner, take pride in you - yourself - and in your outlook in life.

It is time for the present world to realise this - and to stop highlighting those who have not earned our respect, and who continually disappoint us with their misdemeanours!