St Andrews is a University town located in the east coast of Scotland, in Fife.  So named after the apostle Saint Andrew and known worldwide as the Home of Golf.  The Royal and Ancient Golf Club, an international governing body for golf, was founded in 1754 and exercises legislative authority over the game worldwide (with the exception of the United States and Mexico).  It has been the most utilised venue for the Open Golf Championship.  This week people from all over the world will once again converge in St Andrews for the 2010 Open Golf Championship.


Old Course 18th Green and Clubhouse                                        Old Course little bridge

The University was founded in 1410 and is the third oldest university in the English speaking world.  As regards ancient history and exclusivity, it is often compared to Oxford and Cambridge.

St Andrews University Classics Building

St Andrews Castle is situated north of the white, sandy, beach and was built around 1200 - what few ruins remain, date from the 14th and 16th centuries.

St Andrews Castle, Scotland

There is also a Cathedral, which is now in ruins.

The beautiful beach at St Andrews was made famous in the film "Chariots of Fire".  The weather, however, in that part of the East Coast can be cold and windy, and does not lend itself to sunbathing, but a brisk walk on the white, sandy, beach can be exhilarating.

Be it your choice to stay in a luxury hotel, a traditional hotel with every conceivable amenity, an Inn or smaller hotel, or a bed and breakfast establishment, rent a house or self-catering apartment - even the recently opened Backpacker hostel, your needs can be met.

I have been lucky enough to holiday there during an Open Golf Championship and will never tire of watching the professional golfers competing.  There is no doubt that the "Home of Golf" has something very special to offer golf enthusiasts, no matter whether it is coolish and windy, or beautifully warm and sunny.

In the evening when the golf of the day is finished, there are numerous cosy pubs where one can enjoy the company of like-minded enthusiasts, and plenty of eating establishments to whet your appetite.