Travel is so hugely commonplace nowadays, and families are scattered all over the world.  It is so wonderful when you embark on a journey to a far off country, to visit a member of your family, but not quite so enjoyable when it is time to say "Au'revoir" - "To meet again" - Farewell!

I have travelled often, and far, but I never can quite handle the "Goodbye" bit with those who are near and dear.

On one such journey, where I visited my one sister -,just before leaving for the airport to catch my plane, she handed me an envelope with the most beautiful poem.  I unfortunately am not aware of the author.  The sentiments therein are so beautiful and I therefore share it with you.

A Butterfly lights beside us like a Sunbeam

And for a brief moment its glory and beauty belong to our world

But then it flies on again

And though we wish it could have stayed

We feel so lucky to have seen it.