Despite the favourable climate in South Africa, I still love that "curl up with a good book / magazine" feeling, which was instilled into me, as a child.

I love them all - the glamorous, glossy covers with the attention grabbing "super model" displayed so perfectly, and so beautifully, on the front cover.  The "soap", "pop" or "fashion" celebrity in his/her exotic home - also including his/her equally glamorous holiday home - which most of us can only dream of!

The "Who's Who in the Zoo" - where the "In Place" is to be - who was seen where - and (hmmmm!!) what they've been up to!!  Makes fascinating reading - and lots of fun!   Also it is so nice to keep up with the latest fashions and observe the latest trends.  Also the genre of "self-help" articles which inspire us - how to improve "this" and how to improve "that" - how to motivate us at work - etc., etc!!

I also love the newspapers and financial magazines - "the serious stuff!" - the latest news on the Stock Exchange, the Business World (with all the fascinating drama which has unfolded in recent years) - literally the highs and lows which have affected us greatly.

However, to me, there is a very special magazine - the enjoyment of which has literally become such a part of my life - my personal taste (and I emphasise personal) as it is uniquely totally different to every other genre.  It is called "The People's Friend" which has subscribers all over the world.

Most of the fictional stories are set in Scotland.  Some are complete stories each week, and some are serialised.  Some set in today's age by current authors, and many other stories are set in an era long before I was born and by authors who have long since departed - which also are unavailable now to buy anywhere in book form in print.

In addition, they have many picturesque and hugely interesting places mentioned in their articles.  On readers pages they often depict the old black and white photographs of family members who have long since departed (sent in by readers) - perhaps where the groom is wearing the army uniform of that time at the weddings - during the War Years.

There are many useful cookery recipies one can also utilise.

"Between Friends" is a page within the magazine which consists of letters from ordinary people (like you and me) and a variety of little quips and happenings which have occurred in their families.  

My conclusion, therefore, is that unlike a lot of today's media - Celebrities, Stars, etc., are by no means the only interesting people in the world - the ordinary folk are hugely interesting.  I am proud to say that I glean enormous enjoyment from this magazine.   For reference "Peoples Friend":

Whatever your choice in the media - enjoy those special "curl up reading moments".