Ever tried bringing up a subject, or asking a question, when your husband / partner / male friend is watching rugby?!!!  Definitely not a good idea.!  I have a bad habit of reading when a rugby game is being aired on TV, unless it is a really exciting final.  Whilst reading (in particular, a magazine or newspaper) I often come across an interesting article which I want to discuss at the time, and of course, unsurprisingly, am met with a "deaf ear"!

Today I was introduced to an interesting blog and love the article on brain-management of May 13, an extract of which I quote below:

"It's easy to do two things at the same time, as long as one of those actions is a practiced skill, that you can do almost automatically.  For example, walking and talking is easy.  And some people can play the guitar and sing, as long as they have practiced both those skills until one requires virtually no conscious thought.  But you can't do two things at the same time that both require original thinking."
[ Extract from www.dilbert.com/blog/  ]

I recommend you read the whole of the article in his website.