While listening today, to one of the many interesting programmes on Radio 702 - www.702.co.za - Jenny Crwys-Williams interviewed an inspiring young achiever, Claire Reid.

Jenny gleaned from Claire, the build up to the story of Reel Gardening, which is a simple, cost effective, and convenient means for all people, to grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers from seed.

Behind Reel Gardening

Claire is the Inventor and Director.  She invented Reel Gardening at only 16 years old, in 2002.

She is currently completing her Honours in Architecture and next year will complete her Masters. 

She lives by the motto "Rather teach a man to fish than give a man a fish".

Sean Blanckenberg is the Chief Operating Officer; and

Catherine Corry is Business Development Manager.

To read about this interesting concept and its dynamic management team - www.reelgardening.co.za